Thursday, May 1, 2008

In Anticipation of November 5th

Yes, November 5th is the day after Election Day and I'm nervous about how things are going to pan out. I've already threatened my close friends and family that if McCain gets in office I will have to take it to the streets, rioting and looting, in my own neighborhood and then yours. Following that fit of rage I'm supposed to pack up and move to the Left Bank in Paris, where I'll enjoy free health care and evening strolls along the Seine River. ("If I wasn't SAVED!" Black Church Lady Voice).
But seriously though, what am I going to do?
Back in 2000, with my 19-year old prowess, I cast my democratic vote in the messiest election ever; only to be dejected weeks later that Bush had somehow squeezed himself into office. In 2004, I stood back and watched my Christian friends explain to me that they HAD to vote for Bush because he was the only one who would stand up for God by not letting Gays marry. Tears flowed readily and I remember calling my Mom the day after the election proclaiming "I don't think I can go to school today". (Grad school mind you).
Even though I'm 0-2 in my voting the next president in I, like many other democrats in their 20s, am bright-eyed and full of hope. When, Obama won Iowa I started walking around with my head held high thinking this country might not go to hell in a hand basket after all! Back then I was still cool with Hillary, thinking either way I win. But as this race for the democratic nomination has dragged on the magic is starting to fade. As each day passes I'm beginning to trust Hillary less and less, I just see a cloud of lies and negativity buzzing around her.
Of course Barak is far from perfection but at this point I feel like he's the only man that could turn this country around. Being so passionate about this comes fearfulness of becoming numb. If people like me lose in this election one more time I fear that we will just check out of life or take to self inflicted exile.
We need to be alert; we've got a lot to pay attention to:
A declining economy, millions of orphans in Africa due to HIV/AIDS, dilapidated New Orleans, and global warming, millions without any kind of health insurance, drugs in the water, steroids in the food....
Sean Bell was unarmed and shot 50 times and somehow the police officers were acquitted. It's not in the least bit shocking. Nobody is taking to the streets because we see that it DOESN'T MATTER. It seems like this same scenario has happened a billion times. And if justice no longer matters in this country and we don't have someone in office is who dedicated and ready to change that, how can I live here?

All I can do is pray that whatever happens God will have his hand on it. Despite all of this, I'm not ready leave NY yet. I like hot showers everyday, taking the subway, riding my bike in Prospect Park, dancing with INSPIRIT, seeing Broadway shows, speaking English, unlimited minutes with Sprint, constant flows of electricity, Brooklyn Academy of Music and hanging out with my Harlemite boyfriend.
I'm having too much fun.
So I'm taking deep yoga breaths and crying out to God. Something must be done.

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