Friday, August 29, 2008

Meditations on The Democratic National Convention 2008

My stream of consciousness from 4 evenings glued to the tube:
1. Michelle Obama is so gorgeous, but wait a minute, look at her HAIR. Her hair is so shiny and look how it moves! She needs her own Pantene commercial. Weaves are so last year!

2. Those kids are so cute! I can tell Sasha's the feisty one.

3. I am so sleepy, but I must must stay up for Hillary's speech. I like these regular citizens. I can't believe my brother just said that the poor elderly woman from Eden, NC looks like a White Medea. He's TERRIBLE! I'm so so sleepy. Oh there she goes! Hillary did her job and she looks fierce in her creamcicle pantsuit. Didn't Chelsea use to be a red head? She looks great too. I'm not sure how I feel about the Harriet Tubman reference but it is effective.

4. Biden was definitely the right choice! What a great story Beau shared about their lives. He was a smart choice. I feel reassured that they are on the same page. And I guess Obama is "clean"??? But we forgive him for those strange comments.

5. Whohoo! They're in the big house now. I wish they showed John Legend's performance. I like these Generals. Oh, I can't believe I missed the Al Gore speech. I guess I will catch it on You Tube. Blurry Blurry, Oh here he is! He looks so well rested and so comfortable up there. His shape up looks real fresh too. Yes! He's being so specific and he's talking about McCain! Thoughts shifting to my own personal responsibility....I am so inspired! America is going to turn around!

6. Okay, my brain is clearly fried after 4 days of oratory and commentary, which probably is why all I can remember is how people looked and if they said something good or if it stunk up the place. If you really want to hear this speeches listen for yourself at!