Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jumping the Broom Vol. 4-Our Wedding Shower

Last Saturday some of our wonderful friends and family gathered here in Harlem to shower us with gifts which will help us establish our new home. It was so lovely to see faces of loved ones. From the festive Hollywood style decor, to the wonderful food, (delicious Thai and Cake Man Raven Red Velvet!!!) we felt so overwhelmingly loved. My favorite part of evening was the games we played. Hashim and I were tested on our knowledge of each other and we did great! I am so thankful for everyone who was there and I cannot wait to see everyone at the wedding. My Matron of Honor and Hashim's Best Man gave their whole hearts in planning the event and it was a moment we will never forget.

We've finally booked all of our main vendors and we are working hard to keep calm and and carry on.
Even though we try to deal with our stress on the conscious level, I know that I need to stay constantly in prayer to deal with the stress in the subconscious which my body lets me know by all kinds of things such as eye twitching, headaches, and all kinds of other things you don't want to know about.

Our marriage counseling has taught us so much about God's plan for our lives. We still have much to learn over the course of the next few weeks (YES! WEEKS!!!). It's time to begin the countdown...44 Days!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project Runway!

I can't wait to watch the Project Runway season finale this week.
This is definitely the best season since Christian Siriano's group. I can't wait to see Emilio Sosa's and Seth Aaron's collections! It will be a fight to the finish!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jumping the Broom Vol. 3-Getting to the Good Part

Hashim and I have exactly two months before our big day now. All that's left to decide on is the flowers, cake... and a million other little (but really really important) tasks!
But, finally, I feel like we're getting to the good part. The ups and downs of planning this ceremony and reception have brought Hashim and I so much closer. We laughed so hard together and even shed a few tears but as we knock down the ceremony details we can focus more on planning what our marriage will be like. It's my favorite part.
We started marriage counseling with a loving married couple at our church and its been so much fun. So far our first two meetings have really opened our eyes to the possibilities of what an incredible opportunity we have. I believe in my heart that God made me specifically for Hashim and that together we will be a powerful force of love in this world. Breaking down our understanding of marriage based on society, movies and couples around us and really honing in on God's design of what marriage is really supposed be; fun, exciting, sacrificial, beautifully intimate, spiritually focused. It's so refreshing to learn what God's original plan for it is supposed to be. It's way better that what we could ever hope for watching "Why Did I Get Married, Too?".

The closer I draw near to God the more excited I feel about the wedding and our marriage. I am looking forward all the really fun activities that are coming up and most of all to every day and night beyond June 12 that I get to spend with the love of my life!