Friday, February 27, 2009

Socialite Life Chronicles-Sharon Carpenter B-Day Bash

Last night, my girl Titilayo and I attended the British news anchor from BET, Sharon Carpenter's B-Day Bash at Providence in Midtown. It started out so well: barely harassed on my ride on the A train, on the VIP list(!), no waiting in line, no cover. As we enter the lower level of the party, the night still fairly young at around 12am, I noticed that there were about 200 women to every 10 guys. It began its downward spiral when the bartender told me she couldn't make a French martini and minimum charge for a credit card was $75.00.

As we continued to take the scene in I realized that almost 80% of the women were dressed in a spandex ultra mini dresses. This is a major problem. Unless your Naomi Campbell and its 1990,sistahs please don't wear that!!! You're gorgeous, you can still look fly look and very attractive without giving everyone a entire show of everything you've got. Although my parents allowed me to experiment with my clothes and be very eccentric when I started developing at the early age of 10 my late Aunt Judy and her stylish self lovingly commanded me to never ever wear leggings and a short shirt. EVER. I think that was timely advice for us curvy girls, so I'm passing that on...

As the night droned on, no one danced, no sights of the Birthday girl and a repeat of the same 10 radio songs we've all heard a million times. At 1:30, we bounced. Perhaps the real fun would have begun around 3am. After the slurring drunk tried to holler at us, we took that as a sign to get out of there, IMMEDIATELY.
C'est la vie...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Love These!

$170 by Matt Bernson

Sunday, February 22, 2009


IMDb will soon be granting me a page on their site for my film (Re)Union. I am so honored that I have decided to release this film via You Tube. Would love to hear your feed back! Thanks...

(Re)Union uses contemporary dance to examine the relationship between Africans and African Americans who have been displaced through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. 4 African American women come together with 2 African women and 1 man to rediscover one another. ...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

No, I Can't...

Although we did elect the best and brightest candidate into the White House under excitement of "Yes, We Can" I personally have entered the era of "No, I Can't" buy that, go there, get that. Maybe my new budget is unrealistic but it's time to wise up.
I love these shoes. I want to BUY them. They are not even THAT expensive. But I will post them up here instead and get my satisfaction from the picture. "No, I Can't, No, I Can't, No, I CAN'T! Suze, would be so proud. (BeBe, $189)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Socialite Life Chronicles-Flying Solo

On Friday night I attended the Ladies Love presents a Tribute to J Dilla and a Lupus Awareness Fundraiser at Deity Lounge. Alone. I got over my fear of going to the movies alone back in 2003, going to a party alone shouldn't be that much different, right?

Naively, I figured since the event was in Brooklyn I could make it work by taking the bus there. Walking around slightly confused for a good 15 minutes in my wobbly 4" stiletto pumps I realized that downtown Brooklyn on a Friday night is scary. The streets are empty, the street lights are few and far between. An empty street in NY freaks me out.

Once I arrived I stood in line. For about 45 min. It was a very fashionable group, I was ├╝berimpressed with the girls in mini dresses and short coats. I listened to a group of guys try to figure the race of a girl in front of me. Other girls air kissing and smiling their way to the front miraculously.
Finally, I made it inside. I dropped my coat off at coat check and headed to the bar where I proceeded to down a Trump Vodka Cosmo. Uhhh, yeah. It was in a tiny glass but I think it was like that concentrated laundry detergent where a small amount goes a long way. The band was playing J Dilla hits that took me back to my days at cheerleading camp listening to Stakes Is High on my disc man. I'm such a fan. And about 15 minutes later the band was wrapping up. I found a place to sit and read one of the Vibe magazines that littered the tables. At about 2am I was done.

Although I was able to contribute to a worthy cause, going to a party alone sucks. I will NOT be doing that again. It's boring, lonely, isolating, and made me feel like a loser. Also I felt like I could have easily got snatched up on the way there and no one would have been the wiser. I'm a petite lady and my only weapon is a high kick in a fierce heel. Being an independent woman only goes so far.

Lesson learned.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not Easily Broken

Amidst all the wonderful films that are Academy Award Nominees, there is a little film called Not Easily Broken. I have to admit when I saw the previews I was not running to the theaters to see it. A little restless on a Thursday night, after a great day at work, I was not ready to go home. Curious, with low expectations I took a chance. I left the theatre blown away, feeling set free, and bleary eyed from a good strong cry. If you are a strong, independently minded, woman trying to have a relationship built on solid rock see this movie. Most of my friends, like me did not grow up in a household with two parents who were madly in love with one another. As my relationship with my GOOD Black Man continues I am realizing there are just a lot of things that I lack in confidence because I didn't grow up with parents who focused on each other. They focused on ME and my brother. Slowly I am realizing that even though I may not come already knowing how to love a man properly, God can show me the way. Whew...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Just Say No (to shoes) campaign

Today, I was in Zoe, a very high end boutique in DUMBO and I tried on these Miu Miu Mary Janes. I literally heard Suze Orman's yelling in my head, felt my heart palpitate and had to think about not being able to feed my future children in order to put them down. The problem is everything is on sale, marked down from $865 to $259!!!! Someone please buy them so that I can live vicariously through you. Lastly, I am slowly realizing that I may have a very real addiction to pretty things that adorn my feet. Help!