Friday, February 27, 2009

Socialite Life Chronicles-Sharon Carpenter B-Day Bash

Last night, my girl Titilayo and I attended the British news anchor from BET, Sharon Carpenter's B-Day Bash at Providence in Midtown. It started out so well: barely harassed on my ride on the A train, on the VIP list(!), no waiting in line, no cover. As we enter the lower level of the party, the night still fairly young at around 12am, I noticed that there were about 200 women to every 10 guys. It began its downward spiral when the bartender told me she couldn't make a French martini and minimum charge for a credit card was $75.00.

As we continued to take the scene in I realized that almost 80% of the women were dressed in a spandex ultra mini dresses. This is a major problem. Unless your Naomi Campbell and its 1990,sistahs please don't wear that!!! You're gorgeous, you can still look fly look and very attractive without giving everyone a entire show of everything you've got. Although my parents allowed me to experiment with my clothes and be very eccentric when I started developing at the early age of 10 my late Aunt Judy and her stylish self lovingly commanded me to never ever wear leggings and a short shirt. EVER. I think that was timely advice for us curvy girls, so I'm passing that on...

As the night droned on, no one danced, no sights of the Birthday girl and a repeat of the same 10 radio songs we've all heard a million times. At 1:30, we bounced. Perhaps the real fun would have begun around 3am. After the slurring drunk tried to holler at us, we took that as a sign to get out of there, IMMEDIATELY.
C'est la vie...

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