Sunday, February 8, 2009

Socialite Life Chronicles-Flying Solo

On Friday night I attended the Ladies Love presents a Tribute to J Dilla and a Lupus Awareness Fundraiser at Deity Lounge. Alone. I got over my fear of going to the movies alone back in 2003, going to a party alone shouldn't be that much different, right?

Naively, I figured since the event was in Brooklyn I could make it work by taking the bus there. Walking around slightly confused for a good 15 minutes in my wobbly 4" stiletto pumps I realized that downtown Brooklyn on a Friday night is scary. The streets are empty, the street lights are few and far between. An empty street in NY freaks me out.

Once I arrived I stood in line. For about 45 min. It was a very fashionable group, I was ├╝berimpressed with the girls in mini dresses and short coats. I listened to a group of guys try to figure the race of a girl in front of me. Other girls air kissing and smiling their way to the front miraculously.
Finally, I made it inside. I dropped my coat off at coat check and headed to the bar where I proceeded to down a Trump Vodka Cosmo. Uhhh, yeah. It was in a tiny glass but I think it was like that concentrated laundry detergent where a small amount goes a long way. The band was playing J Dilla hits that took me back to my days at cheerleading camp listening to Stakes Is High on my disc man. I'm such a fan. And about 15 minutes later the band was wrapping up. I found a place to sit and read one of the Vibe magazines that littered the tables. At about 2am I was done.

Although I was able to contribute to a worthy cause, going to a party alone sucks. I will NOT be doing that again. It's boring, lonely, isolating, and made me feel like a loser. Also I felt like I could have easily got snatched up on the way there and no one would have been the wiser. I'm a petite lady and my only weapon is a high kick in a fierce heel. Being an independent woman only goes so far.

Lesson learned.

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Revolutionary said...

lol you alone in NY? Never ever again sis. Don't make me sick Hashim on you!