Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tiny & Toya

As all of you already know I don't have cable so I just caught the first season of Tiny & Toya via the web. No, this type of show doesn't usually interest me but after reading Michael Arceneaux's article about it on TheRoot.com I became curious. After watching the first episode I was hooked! Even though, judging by the outside (tatoos galore, teen pregnancies, not properly speaking the King's English) they are definitely the kind of girls some of my family members would think to be a bad influence. I love the fact that they are portrayed as fully dimensional human beings, such a rarity in Black television. These girls are down to earth, intelligent, and sincere. Unlike the Housewives of Wherever, they actually have a true friendship and the show is about them realizing their short comings and overcoming fears, insecurities and trying to be a great example for their children. It's actually really positive and by the end I was sad because I wanted to see more of what these girls were up to. How is Toya's book coming along? What's going on with the OMG girls? What did everyone think of the showcase? We need more shows like this. BET, ya done good...

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