Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michelle Obama: An American Girl

Michelle Obama. Strong, Intelligent, Educated, Feminine, Witty, Outspoken, Daring, a Dreamer, and American in every sense of the word.

When Anderson Cooper asks is America ready for a Black first lady I have to step back and think for a minute. Sometimes I forget that some people in this country would like to think I do not exist.
I grew up in a middle class Black neighborhood, went to 85% Black magnet schools in the Prince George’s County Public School System and went to a top ranked Historical Black College.
Going to college in Atlanta, living in an affluent city with Black people who were down to earth, friendly and intelligent, going to school where most of my friends graduated with high honors and went on to become published journalists, doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, and engineers, I was fully immersed in an environment where greatness is expected.
So the question, is America ready for Michelle Obama, is like asking is America ready for me?
Is it truly uncomfortable for people to see a Black woman going after her dreams with a strong mind, as a great wife and a mother?
Why does it feel better to characterize her “Obama’s Baby Mama?”

Do Americans feel more comfortable seeing Black women as sexual deviants locked up for their own fantasies?

Who are these unready or unprepared Americans that we are talking about anyway?

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Alexandra Joye Houston said...

Of course she's a WOMAN and no longer a girl. You know what I mean...My Spelman Sisters would not be happy if I didn't set that straight...