Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Welcome and thank you for stopping by!
On a wim, today I've decided to join the rest of my generation and get on the band wagon with this whole Blog thing. It's probably partly influenced by my most famous boyfriend Hashim Warren and his career as Hip-Hop Blogger. Any who, as an artist I ask myself, what do I have to say that's going to really be different than anything else anyone else is saying? Well, I myself am not too sure but I love to share the crazy happenings in my life and maybe you'll enjoy reading them. I pledge to only share the interesting stuff and do my best not to bore you. I cannot promise that I won't disappoint you, discourage you or always be the most kind but I promise to keep it real in a way that glorifies God. So come along with me on this journey. I welcome you, officially.


Samara said...

Hey Beautiful! I look forward to staying connected to you here. My Girls from my young women's groups will be handing in their applications for Project:Becoming on thursday!



L.O. said...

You've clearly been spending too much time with that boyfriend of yours! Have fun with this new venture:)