Friday, July 9, 2010

The Day My Life Began All Over Again

I've been having waayy too much fun being a newlywed to write, so I apologize for leaving y'all hanging. Our wedding day was so incredible, I felt God's bright beaming light and love wrapped around us so tightly. We truly had the time of our lives and it's been non-stop fun and adventures ever since. Our honeymoon in St. Lucia was so breathtakingly beautiful. We were able to stay in two resorts that week. At one point we were so high up the mountain that we could literally see over a rainbow. The food was delicious and the St. Lucians were so warm to us. We are so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and are so inspired. Our NY Times article can be found at and you can view some of our photos at
We can't thank you enough!

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Anonymous said...

When people get married in Yorubaland, well-wishers say: may you be friends to each other.
It sounds mundane and inconsequential at first but having been married for over a decade, and after four children, I realise everyday that the thing I value above all things is my husband's friendship. It comes with joy at my successes, honest criticism, loyalty and devotion. We always find time for our friends.
So, I say to you, Alexandra (my middle name too): may you and Hashim be friends to each other and may your lives be long and worthy.