Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leggings- To Wear or Not to Wear...That IS the question

A few weeks ago on the Today show they did this whole segment about leggings. It made me very nervous. They were proclaiming EVERYONE could and SHOULD wear this trend. I anxiously watched them parade all very leggy models in different outfits and styles looking very stylish. However, that was television. In real life leggings are very tricky and should be given lots of thought and effort before walking out in public.
I must say that my body is not made for 80's trends. 1940's and 50's silhouettes are much more flattering on my athletically curvy shape. Keeping this in mind I think more women should consider how exactly they are rocking leggings. Especially after nearly choking and dying from disgust while walking behind a girl, down 7th Ave and 39th street, wearing a cropped top and jacket with leggings that were so sheer I could see her blue undies with little green flowers on it. YUCK!
Here's how I recommend wearing leggings:
1. Make sure they are the kind you wear as pants and not as tights. Get in front of the mirror and under the light and check yourself from all angles.
2. Balance out the look with an over sized top, tunic, or boyfriend blazer. If your bum is covered your probably fine.
3. Wear them under a mini dress with booties.
4. If you feel ridiculous just forget it. Don't be a fashion victim, style transcends trends.

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