Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kid Sister...I'm a little obsessed

Once upon a time my boyfriend asked, how do you find out new music(especially because I don't really listen to the radio). I replied, "I read about it!"
I read about Kid Sister in Elle magazine and decided to check her out on MySpace. I am such a fan of her music. She's like 80's female rap (WHERE ARE ALL THE FEMALE EMCEE's????) meets 2009 down south beats. I can't wait until her full album comes out. I am so inspired by her that I might entirely change the genre of music that I'm practicing to spin. (By the way, DJ Phoenix is scheduled to enter the scene early 2010, you heard it hear first. Shhhh!)
Anyway, check out this adorable video: Kid Sister - Pro Nails ft. Kanye West

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