Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving on Up(Town)

It's official. The Brooklyn Transplant goes to Harlem. No I didn't find the PERFECT APARTMENT but I found one that suits me just fine for now. So Brooklyn here's my ode to you.
Brooklyn, you wooed me here to New York with your summer block parties and red velvet cake. Your wined and dined me at Solomon's Porch, Food for Thought, Mo Bay (when it used to be in Ft. Greene), Choice Market and Joya. You dressed me in fine clothes from Little Red Boutique, Harriet's Alter Ego, and Addy and Ferro. You entertained me with Opera, Indie Films and cutting edge dance at BAM. You kept me peaceful with Saturday morning yoga class at Embora and bike rides through beautiful Prospect Park. You kept me spiritually fed at the Brooklyn Region of the New York City Church of Christ. And you made sure that there was never ever a dull moment.
Brooklyn, its not you its me.
Harlem came along and swept me off my feet. I'm looking forward to much cheaper cab rides, same day delivery at Barnes and Nobles and Bed, Bath and Beyond and who knows what else! Just kidding... I'll miss you Brooklyn. You were good to me but it's time for a new thing.

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