Friday, December 5, 2008

Santa Baby...

This year, in lieu of the recession my family and I have decided that we will be giving to our favorite charitable organizations instead of spending money on stuff. We all have more than enough stuff. On Christmas day only stocking stuffers under $25 and the announcement of which organizations we gave to. However......(glittery, sparkly fairy tale music coming in now) this is what I would really ask for from Santa:

1. A Goyard Mini-Trunk. So sturdy, so classic, so rare, and so goregous. This is what I would love to stuff my 3 oz liquids in!

2. Louboutin's!

Sooo fierce! I'd love to strut around for the evening in these. Of course if taxi cabs are involved, often and frequent.

3. A Vacation to the Cote D'Azure. Yes honey. Lounging around on the beach, eating beautiful meals, practicing my French, and staying in a Versailles inspired suite. Yes.....

4. A Tiffany Buckle Necklace.
It's ONLY 34 Carats and more than price of my NC townhouse! Every girl needs a little bling...right?

5. A New Journal for every month.
Why try to cram it all in? I can feel free to journal everyday, dream imagine, and anything else.

6. A 2009 Mercedes CLK 350 Convertible
For flitting around the good old U.S.of A. Gas prices are down. Road trip anyone???

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