Monday, September 8, 2008

Trouble the Water

This afternoon after a hectic day at work I decided to go see Trouble the Water. I wasn't looking for a pick me up and it certainly wasn't that but I just needed to be shaken out of my own world for a bit.
Because I am a Black Woman living in America I ultimately somehow identify with all the struggles of all Black people period. But it was jarring to see how vastly different my coming up and the upbringing of the couple in the 9th ward in New Orleans was.

I had two parents in my household. Both of my parents went to college. Even though they had their issues and we weren't the richest family on the block we never went with out food, running water, school supplies, or anything we needed for that matter. My parents tried to protect me from negative media images and kept me in constant dialogue. I got to go to college and graduate school and I get to live my artist life in NY because of their sacrifices. Not because I'm just oh so smart or oh so talented or oh so cute. I was set up to win.

The couple in the film had the complete opposite experience. Their schooling was sub-par, their neighborhood was dilapidated, parents on drugs and dying from HIV no money to go to college. They were set up for failure. Yet this couple was able to prevail in spite of the government spitting in their faces. They might have been "uneducated" but they sure were not stupid. They are acutely aware of what's going on in this world and why.
My whole concept of poverty has changed. See the movie; let me know what you think.

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